Spanish Classes

Here are a few photos from around our new home town, Cuenca Ecuador.


The top of the Cathedral


Another view of the Cathedral


The view from our terrace


The Flower Market


Overlooking the city


Ok, so now it is time to stop playing tourist and get back to class, Spanish class (maybe just be part-time tourists).

We have started taking Spanish classes here.  If we are going to live in a Spanish-speaking country we should learn the language, it only makes sense. I just wish it would come to me easier. I had high hopes of being able to speak Spanish fairly well before we moved here, but that didn’t happen. I think about all the people who have immigrated to North America from all over the world without knowing English and have learned the language, and live and work there very well, and are now bi-lingual (or more). English is a hard language to learn (so I’ve been told). If they can do it, why can’t I? Why indeed. Why won’t it stick? I have CD’s that I listened to in the car before we moved, books, translator apps, and the classes, so why is it so hard? Conjugating, stem changing, masculine, feminine, plurals, articles, I don’t even know how most of this stuff works in English. Most of the time I just can’t follow along, it is all spoken so fast. But, I am determined that I can learn this language; it just might take some time, and lots of practice. Hopefully it will all come to me soon. Back to studying now.


  1. Bobbie

    You’re my hero!!! If anyone can do, that Kelly can!! (or so I was told back in 1982 lol)
    I am fondly remembering our adventure with the chainsaw!

  2. Michael Harding

    Stick with it. The first thing that happens is you educate your ears to what you are hearing. You’ll know that you’ve “arrived” when you dream, if you dream, in Spanish.

  3. Barbara Ellison

    Hi. Kelly and Tony. Very hot here, sitting on deck with your former neighbour, my brother Bobby and sister Susie, here for weekend. Enjoying your blog.hey guys hope all is well looking forward to next spring. Talk later Bob So, finally got my artwork, now to hang it. Bob cancelled trip after trip, so had to wait. Going to Wdstk in Oct. Lots of shelf clouds this summer, from Susie. Talk later Barb.

    • Kelly

      Ha ha ha. Thanks for the update, Glad you got the artwork. Maybe we’ll see you when we come back for a visit next year. Take care.

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