Settling In

A “Food Truck” park

The top of the Cathedral

Along the Tomebamba River

OK, so we have been here for over a month now, and it has been pretty busy settling in. We have moved into our apartment and have been shopping for

Our Living Room

things we need, which is not necessarily the easiest thing to do here. There are lots of stores to buy things from, even large department stores (similar to Wal-mart), the trouble is finding the things you need in the store you are at. Some things might be in one store and not the other. The same thing goes with grocery shopping. And it also makes for some very interesting interactions with the sales staff with my limited Spanish. But all this makes for some great adventures and seeing all the different areas of this city. Most of the time we can walk where we are going, and then take a cab home (for about $2) with all our purchases. We are now pretty comfortable in our apartment and love it.

We have not spent all our time shopping (although some days it feels like it), we also been to some great social events. A couple of open mic nights, a tango concert, a symphony concert, a pot luck improv night (Tony participated, but not me), a few social dinners with new friends, and a social walking evening. And I have gone to a wine and paint night, and a Mandela workshop (both lots of fun).

The weather here has been beautiful (by my standards). The days are warm (20-22 degrees) a mix of sun and cloud (we have had quite a few very sunny days, which have been hot in the sun), the nights are cooler and there has hardly been any rain. And this is winter!! (I love it!)

Now, about those Spanish classes, I am still working on it. Looking for the course that we want to take.

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