Here We Are!

OK, so here we are in Cuenca, Ecuador. Now the adventure truly begins!

It seemed like a long time coming and then all of the sudden we were here. It has only been a few days, so we are still getting ourselves settled in and finding our way around. Our new temporary home is nice and cozy, and very comfortable for us, for now, and we are only here until the end of July.

Luckily, we have already found our new home. We went to see an apartment for rent yesterday, and it was exactly what we were looking for in the area we want to be, and available for August 1, so we took it! It is a 2 bedroom (room for guests!) in a restored old colonial house, with 2 terraces overlooking the city. It has a beautiful inner courtyard that we get to walk through everyday to get to our place. It is fantastic. We were very excited to find something so quickly. The apartment is fully furnished, but there are still things we will need, so now begins the fun of shopping for some new things.

Next on our agenda will be to start some sort of Spanish classes. Our language skills are very limited right now, and I would love to be able to speak and understand the language much better. Ultimately it would be nice to be fluent, but I am not sure that will happen, we’ll have to wait and see.


  1. Sherri Hendry

    HI Kelly, I hope your settling in well. Sounds like your new home in August will be perfect 🙂 Looking forward to reading up on all your adventures! Take care,

  2. Mary

    Glad you found a home that you are excited to move to. There is definitely a gap here

    Kelly & Tony, we do miss you. but I a thrilled that you new chapter is of to a good start.

  3. Sandra

    Kelly I’m so very happy for you and Tony, you deserve it! I re-read some of your earlier posts and the one about the definition of insanity OMG! can I relate to that one! Enjoy!
    P.S. I’m glad to hear you have a spare room 🙂

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