Christmas in Cuenca

Christmas in Cuenca

Well, here we are, it almost Christmas. It is definitely different here. There are lots of lights and Christmas trees, and the stores are decorated, and Christmas songs are playing (mostly in English). Children are having concerts at schools, and singing in choirs, we even saw a bunch of kids coming out of some event dressed as mini Santas, and Ms. Santas and eleves, they were so cute. But it just doesn’t quite feel the same. I have never had Christmas in a warm climate before. Sure, we have had many a Christmas without snow, but not with flowering trees, palm trees wrapped in lights, and warm sunny days. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, it is great not having to drive in the snow, and slip on the ice. It is just different.

We have made some great friends here, and are going to have a nice Christmas dinner with some of them on the 23rd, and then Christmas Eve day parade is on the 24th (of course). Now this parade lasts about 8 hours, yes, 8 hours! We won’t be watching the whole thing, but it does go right by the front of our building, so we can pop in and out to watch it throughout the day. Then we will have a nice turkey dinner at home with our neighbors on Christmas day.

Of course we are missing our friends and families from Canada very much at this time od the year.

So, from Cuenca, Ecuador to wherever you are



  1. Martha Mirray

    Merry Christmas Kelly and Tony. I look forward to receiving your notes and quite envy your adventurous spirits!

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