Spanish Classes

Here are a few photos from around our new home town, Cuenca Ecuador.             Ok, so now it is time to stop playing tourist and get back to class, Spanish class (maybe just be part-time tourists). We have started taking Spanish classes here.  If we are going to live in … [Read more…]

Settling In

OK, so we have been here for over a month now, and it has been pretty busy settling in. We have moved into our apartment and have been shopping for things we need, which is not necessarily the easiest thing to do here. There are lots of stores to buy things from, even large department … [Read more…]

Here We Are!

OK, so here we are in Cuenca, Ecuador. Now the adventure truly begins! It seemed like a long time coming and then all of the sudden we were here. It has only been a few days, so we are still getting ourselves settled in and finding our way around. Our new temporary home is nice … [Read more…]