Acting Like Tourists

I love they way they carry their babies, and everything for that matter, slung on their backs.

We have been having a great time acting like tourists. Exploring the city, finding our way around, and getting lost, which is how we find our way around. We have also been finding stores, markets, tiendas, etc. that we like (and sometimes don’t like). Let’s just say we have been doing a lot of walking.

Even though it is off-season here (winter), there is still a lot happening.  Thursday night we went to an open mic night just around the corner from us. What a great variety of performers. There was the familiar singer/guitar players from the U.S. and they were good, played a lot of John Prine (one of Tony’s faves). There was a young Argentinian couple, he played and looped his violin into some truly awesome sounds while she danced modern ballet style – very cool! There was a belly dancer, also extremely good. There was a very talented local Ecuadorian playing guitar and singing in Spanish. It was truly a fantastic night with great entertainment. And we met some great people.

Last night we went to the Symphony. It was also great (I am going to run out of adjectives!). The music was beautiful, they did some Mozart, and a few other pieces, and it was FREE! They do a performance once or twice a month and it is always FREE!

Tonight we are going to a private musical performance (by invite only), Tango music and dance, I can’t wait.


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